About the author

My name is Emil Nygaard, I’m 27 years old and I’m currently studying the Game Design Master’s Degree, at the IT-University, using my next (current) semester as a game designer at DADIU.

I’ve always been interested in both design and IT, and thus have decided to combine the two with a theoretical background in the form of a bachelors degree in digital media and design at the IT-University. With that done, I am now studying the masters degree in game design, also at the IT-University.

In my spare time I live at Islands Brygge with my girlfriend. I also have a daughter who is about 1½ a year old now! I don’t do any real sports, but I exercise with “spinning” and running down the local fitness centre.

I hope you will enjoy reading my work, and I invite you to comment on it either in the comment fields or at my e-mail.

Best regards
Emil Nygaard

mobile: 20577417
@: emilngrd@gmail.com